Decoration Inspiration for Your Cottage With 10 Great Designs.
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Decoration Inspiration for Your Cottage With 10 Great Designs.

Decoration Inspiration for Your Cottage With 10 Great Designs.

23 MAY 2020- Update 17; 26

Check out the most beautiful decoration ideas for your summer houses, where you can open your doors on sunny days.

While our souls are constantly looking for peace, we rarely listen to our inner voice. One of the rare areas where we can pull ourselves out of the stressful life pace, such as work and things to do, is our summer houses. Listen to our inspirational ideas to position these living spaces correctly, create fiction free of surpluses, choose calm color palettes and bring sea air home.

Expand your home’s enjoyment limits

Forget strict style rules. Your goal in your summer house should be to create only the atmosphere that gives you happiness. If you have a large terrace or garden, why not build a corner where you will be able to surrender to the arms of comfort behind curtains that fly out of your bed?

Create silent fiction

The decoration concept that marks the silence at home, which is pointed out by Maison Objet trend authorities, places a fresh and fresh air in the summer spaces. You can create quiet and calm fictions in your space by choosing refined forms, designs that reflect the philosophy of ‘less is more’, a color palette dominated by pastel tones and light colors, striped patterns and glass textures.

Biological pond instead of pool?

While the interest in natural and healthy is increasing day by day, biological ponds emerge as a brand new life trend preferred by the whole world. Plants with water cleaning feature allow the lake to be clean and healthy at all times thanks to its purification and filtering features. Instead of the chlorinated waters of the pools in your summer house, you can choose from biological ponds that offer the pleasure of swimming in a real pond with plants inside.

Own a house with a soul

In the Homes With Soul book released by Images Publishing last month, Orly Robinzon says that the golden rule that adds a soul to a home is to find someone you love to live with at home and adds:

“I recommend you to furnish your summer house inspired by nature. The large windows opening to the garden and outdoor areas, doors, a calm and intimate bedroom and bathroom are important elements that add spirit to the summer house. Let your house be the leading actors in bedspreads made of cotton, silk or natural materials, light curtains, seashells, candles and dim romantic lighting. Everything is okay when you include good food and good friends in your summer house. ”

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Use seashells, corals and stones

The way to bring the sea air home is through creating coral corners, seashells, sea stars and Mediterranean-spirited corners that you collect from the beach. The provence-style furniture, patina surfaces, rope designs, a blue-and-white color palette peculiar to the French Riviera are your players to help cool your home.

Trace simplicity

In your summer spaces, sign the fictitious fiction of Leonardo da Vinci who says “Simplicity is the most sophisticated form of perfection.” In the decoration compass of simplicity, white walls, bamboo and wicker materials indicating lightness, a monochrome palette and tropical plants stand out this summer.

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Color with open air invitations

What the Danish Hygge philosophy says, “ You can increase the pleasure dose of your outdoor space by creating invitations that you can socialize with your close friends in your home ”. By adding personal touches to your carefully prepared invitation tables, you can sign an invitation to be engraved in your guests’ memories. It’s time to stimulate your creativity for lanterns hanging from the ceiling, flowers coloring the table, candles, lacy napkins, place cards and more.

Another idea is to create a pleasant open-air cinema and summon your friends under colorful bulbs lined up in the garden of your summer house. A projection machine you need, a projection screen that you can hang from the tree branches and large cushions that you can throw on the grass and spread, comfortable sunbeds, lanterns and popcorn bowls, have fun ..

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